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ETO Sterilizer
We present a collection of ETO Sterilizer that sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot withstand conventional high temperature steam sterilization. Products such as electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers are ideal for getting sterilized by these machines. The devices uses Ethylene oxide gas to kill pathogenic germs that may be present in instrument and medical supplies.
Autoclave Sterilizer
This collection of Autoclave Sterilizer has sterilizing devices that makes use of high-pressure saturated steam for disinfected the surgical instruments, medical equipment and other medical supplies. The cleaning is done at very high temperatures where the steam is administered to the objects for different time periods depending upon the load and its size.
Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure Autoclave
Steri- Techno Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure Autoclave that can be used in various industrial and medical applications for the disinfection of various products.
Medical Sterilizers
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Medical Sterilizers for the disinfection of the surgical tools so that they can be reused. They are available in various different variants as per their working capacities.
ETO Gas Cartridges
The offered range of ETO Gas Cartridges are easy-to-use cartridges that is filled with ethylene oxide gas that is required by sterilization devices. It is a handy cartridge that do not have a bulky size, hoses or valves and filters that needs adjustment or replacement. These single-dose cartridge provide low-temperature sterilization without the releasing harmful CFCs or HCFCs.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
The offered collection of Ultrasonic Cleaner makes use of the ultrasonic sound waves that ranges between 20 and 400 kHz frequency to clean objects. The cleaning is done with the help of an solvent and the sound that creates cavitation that actually performs the cleaning. Using of solvent with lower surface tensions works best with these type of cleaners.
Industrial Products
This range of industrial products has extensive applications in pharmaceutical, agricultural and also in laboratory research works.  These precisely shaped products deserve praise for their high performance, easy to comprehend mechanism and long working life. Made of steel, these products can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
Air Circulation Oven
We are here to provide our clients a vast array of Air Circulation Ovens. These are used in industries and laboratories for processing applications like sterilizing, drying and many others.
Steam Indicator Tape
Steam Indicator Tape are the indicating elements that are wrapped over the instruments to give the measure of the course of the steam sterilization by changing the color of the adhesive strip from the light yellow to the dark brown or black.
Autoclave & ETO Sterilization Roll
Wide range of Autoclave & ETO Sterilization Rolls are exported by us. These are used in industries for processing packaging applications. The rolls are made from stainless steel and provide great resistance to impacts and corrosion.
Central Sterile Service
As a service provider, we offer reliable Central Sterile Service that is rendered by professional executives who deliver effective services.  They clean, disinfect and sterilize the reusable medical equipment such as syringes, drips and surgical instruments. All these services are delivered at clients medical facilities.
Instrument Washer are fully automated devices that are used for the washing of the industrial instruments during a high pressure cycle to achieve the thermal disinfections for the efficient cleaning and removal of the contaminations.
Stainless Steel Autoclaves
We are dealing in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Stainless Steel Autoclaves that are designed by our team of highly skilled professionals by using latest production techniques and highly rigid engineering materials.
Sterilization Reels
Plasma sterilized sterilization reels are disposable grade medical products. Available in different sizes, offered reels are used for packaging of hydrogen peroxide. Color of these reels changes after specific chemical reaction. Produced by seasoned personnel, these reels can be availed at reasonable price.
Biological Indicator
Chemical Indicators for Steam and ETO are available in strip form. These are used as suitable indicators for sterilization. Made of paperboard, these strips have been developed as per EN norms. Application of these indicators can be noticed in hospitals, laboratories and also in clinics.
Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave
Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclaves are used for sterilization of hospital accessories like gloves, various surgical instruments etc. This flawless product range is well known for its error free operation, low operating cost and corrosion protected body. This product range can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
Sterilizer Repair Service
We offer professional Sterilizer Repair Service to clients owning medical facilities, hospitals and private healthcare clinics. These services are rendered by our highly trained team of medical executives who have proper certifications to perform the sterilization process.
This range of Air Guns has extensive application in machine repairing shops, automobile repairing factories and in construction field. Developed from polyurethane, this range of gun maintains standard air delivery rate for blowing of dust by using pneumatic force.

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