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उत्पाद विवरण

Steam Indicator Tape is heat and chemical sensitive adhesive strip with light yellow colored appearance which turns dark brown and black when exposed to the steam during the sterilization at a temperature of 121 degree Celsius. It is used as a safety element and gives the indication that the extreme temperature is reached within the autoclave to prevent damages. It is available in many different lighter shades in various different sizes as per the widths and total length of the strip.

Steam Indicator Tape Applications:

1. The Steam Indicator Tape is made with an eye-catching color-changing function that lets you know whether there is steam or high temperatures within the container.

2. It has a robust adhesive backing that ensures solid adhesion to a variety of surfaces and prevents the tape from peeling or coming away from the backing during transit.

3. Because the Steam Indicator Tape is appropriately sized and simple to cut or tear, it can be applied and fitted precisely on various packaging materials.

4. When used on medical or laboratory equipment, the tape's dependable functioning gives a visual indicator that sterilization has been accomplished.

5. Because it is made from tough, moisture-resistant materials, the tape will stay intact and functional even in humid situations.

Steam Indicator Tape Features:

1. In medical and scientific settings, the Steam Indicator Tape is intended to give a trustworthy indicator of steam sterilization.

2. It has a characteristic color change from white to dark that makes it simple for consumers to determine whether sterilization was effective.

3. The tape's precision and longevity are guaranteed by the use of a premium material that is heat- and moisture-resistant.

4. Its adhesive backing makes it simple to apply to many surfaces, including sterilizing pouches and packing materials.

5. The adaptability of the Steam Indicator Tape in diverse healthcare situations is ensured by its compatibility with various sterilizing techniques, including 
steam autoclaves.

6. It sticks firmly to surfaces without leaving any residue or endangering the sterilized goods, upholding the sterilization procedure's integrity.


1. What is the purpose of steam indicator tape?

Ans: To show if a given package or instrument has been subjected to steam sterilization procedures, steam indicator tape is frequently used in medical, dental, and sterilizing facilities.

2. What are the benefits of steam indicator tape?

Ans: The purpose of steam indicator tape is to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical instruments and equipment by giving a visible indication of whether an item has completed the required steam sterilization process.

3. How accurate is steam indicator tape?

Ans: To achieve precise and consistent findings and to provide a reliable indicator of whether steam sterilization has taken place, Steam Indicator Tape is put through rigorous testing.
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